Do You Use Mind Maps Professionally?

Do I Ever! LOL

What Makes Mind Mapping at Work so Effective?

You want to make sure you remember all of the things you need to do in your professional life, but it's difficult to keep track of everything.

You're always forgetting important things,like deadlines, calls, responses to emails and preparing for meetings and your brain doesn't seem like it can handle much more! You could try and try again, or take a less stressful approach and just use a Mind Map.

Mind Maps are a powerful tool that can help you organise what you need to do and what needs to be done next. They're easy-to-use and very effective! Check out this article for more information on how they work for me in our business and the type of Mind Maps I deploy!

Destroy overwhelm by Scheduling a Brainstorming Session

"It is not enough to just do something. One must do the right thing." - Theodore Roosevelt

The quote applies to the state of overwhelm that many people are feeling nowadays due to their hectic lives. It is an issue that can be addressed by scheduling a Mind Mapping brainstorming session with your team, partner, or friends.

The challenge of overwhelm at work often stems from feeling like you are alone in this situation, not knowing how to fix it, and not understanding what exactly you need help with.

A Mind Mapping brainstorming session can help provide an overview of your business life and give you ideas for how to organise it better. It may also provide a solution for how to calm the chaos in your life and get to the priorities that will really improve your productivity. 

Get everything out of your head and onto paper where you can see the reality of the thousands of bits of data that are swirling around your head and causing confusion and stress. When you have everything captured on one sheet of paper you can begin the process of clustering “like with like”, see the duplication, identify what can be delegated, and most importantly what can be deleted.

Any time I feel overwhelmed by my tasks or responsibilities I schedule a 20-minute Brainstorming Session on a Mind Map to bring clarity and calm! Calm Leadership equates to a calm team!

Mind Maps Organise data from many sources into one place


Mind Maps are a great way to organise data from many sources into one place. They can be used to organise your thoughts, plan your day, brainstorm solutions to challenges and even collate information about a topic.

Mind Maps are often used in our workplace to collate information related to a specific project, company, or strategic partner. This helps our team find information about their task easily and share the results with others.

Having a master Mind Map where all content is included for each project, campaign, product or course means that we all work from the same level of understanding on inputs, priorities, and outcomes. A massive benefit of this is when many eyes are on the same project overview, many more creative solutions can be generated to problems, bottlenecks, and stumbling blocks. 

Mind Mapping is our “Secret Sauce” when it comes to Managing Projects!

Mind mapping is an invaluable tool for organising complex projects, and it has many benefits. It allows you to break down the project into manageable chunks, visualise how the project will progress, and even work through difficult problems by identifying potential solutions.

If you are looking for a way to get a bird’s eye view of your project, then Mind Mapping might be the answer!

Mind mapping is a powerful tool for planning and achieving goals. It helps you see the big picture and understand how each task relates to the others, which allows you to assign tasks efficiently.

It's very easy for a team to get distracted when there are so many other tasks to do. However, it's important not to neglect the tasks that are more important than others in delivering the project  - these should be given attention first. A Mind Map can help you prioritize and visualize your project goals in a way that makes sense.

Mind Maps allow you to change priorities in the middle of a project without having to scrap the project and start again. Often the best ideas come when we are in motion and working on a project - Mind Maps helps us take advantage of the genius within our team to do just that - modify and improve swiftly when we have those breakthrough ideas!

Mind Mapping Helps You Build Your Personal Knowledge Base


Luckily, there are tools to help you build your personal knowledge base where you consolidate and refine your lifetime knowledge so you can create new innovative solutions and ideas. One of those tools is Mind Mapping.

The Mind Map draws connections between ideas and helps you explore concepts at a deeper level. Mind maps make it easy for someone to remember the information as well as share their thoughts with others. They also allow for innovation and offer a dynamic way of looking at things that might not have been considered before.

Mind Maps are a powerful tool that can be used to help anyone learn more effectively, whether they're students or professionals in the corporate world, often cutting the time needed to consume and learn new content by over 60%. 

Over time Mind Maps help you develop true mastery in your field by increasing the depth and breadth of your knowledge and your ability to connect it to other information outside your core focus.

Mind Maps can help you learn and understand complex material—from a field of study or a new technology—in a way that is more intuitive and less linear. This approach to learning can help you retain information better because it makes sense to your brain. The more connections you make between related concepts, the better your understanding becomes and the more expert knowledge you can demonstrate.

Mind Mapping transforms you into the “Go-to” expert in your niche!


I'm not saying that you should fake it - but having a strong personal brand is so important in this day and age. A brand built on a solid foundation of knowledge, mastery, and creativity moves you into the leadership track quickly!

Being the recognised expert in your niche can lead to many benefits. You will be able to attract more clients, increase customer loyalty, and get the recognition for your work that you deserve.

Clients begin to seek you out for your expertise and creative solutions and as your business grows, you may find yourself getting inundated with requests for proposals - thankfully with a solid foundation of Mind Maps you can achieve “Rockstar Status” in your field without driving yourself to professional burn-out!

So Yes! I use Mind Maps in my corporate 9-5 ALL THE TIME! It's been my secret weapon for years that has allowed me to excel in every position I have moved through. Regular, consistent use of Mind Mapping has forged such a deep understanding of my profession and taken me to places, and exposed me to opportunities I once would only have dreamed about!